Leaf Removal

Fall brings about a lovely change in weather and the seasons. While the trees are awash with colors, one thing that’s not so fun is dealing with all the falling leaves. If you find your yard littered with dead leaves, contact A Work of Art. Our landscapers provide fast, efficient leaf removal services to help your yard look as good as new.

Why turn to the professionals for leaf removal?

It is during late fall that this often happens – the trees in your yard shed their leaves. What starts as a few leaves turns into a pile littering your yard before you know it. We understand you have enough on your “to-do” list without having to add another chore. Our team is ready to help!

The Importance of Leaf Removal for Your Yard

Why it’s important to remove leaves from your property:

  1. If dead leaves stay too long on the ground, it will kill your beautiful grass.
  2. Leaves covering the ground prevent sunlight from reaching the grass and other smaller plants, which will stunt their growth.
  3. Removing your yard of dead leaves will make it look polished and well-maintained.
  4. You can prevent future costs by maintaining healthy grass now. Don’t let piles of leaves kill your lawn. By taking action today, you can enjoy your lawn all year round.

You know what makes leaf cleanup really fun? Having someone else do it for you! As a family owned and operated company, we have strong ties to our community. We treat each customer with the same level of respect, trust, and honesty we would want to be shown. This means when you call us, you receive upfront pricing and quality workmanship. We pay attention to the details and exceed customer expectation.